Sunday, April 3, 2016

50 Random Mundane Items X

50 Random Mundane Items X

From useless junk to items of immense value. Mundane objects to replace your typical treasure find of simple coins and gems. There are items considered art objects mixed in. When I finish this series I'll sort them into a separate table.

1. Worg Fur Cloak
2. Spice Jar made of Hammered Silver.
3. Ceramic Urn filled with Diamond Dust
4. Steel Scepter with Vine Motif
5. Leather Girdle
6. Dozen Mithril Spear Tips
7. Block of Pig Iron
8. Rag Doll
9. Box of Hazelnuts
10. Barrel filled with 100 arrows
11. Spidersilk Bag
12. Chipped Glass Eye
13. Gold Coin on a Silver Chain
14. Dried Squid Tentacle
15. Pouch filled with Holy Wafers
16. Pillow stuffed with Vulture Feathers
17. Clockwork Heart made of Brass & Gold
18. Copper Asp Statue
19. Crystal Dragonfly
20. Vial filled with Crushed Pearls.
21. Leather Gag
22. Book of Star Charts
23. Aspen Cross
24. Ornate Brass Casket
25. Woven Seaweed Net
26. Beaver Pelt
27. Ivory Oval Frame
28. Bottle of Pure Alcohol
29. Tome of Sheet Music
30. Webbed-Shaped Censer
31. Teal Rope Belt
32. Cashmere Blanket
33. Blank Brass Bound Codex
34. Silver Whisk
35. Encyclopedia of Obscure Words
36. Spiked Leather Knee Pad
37. Skipping Stone
38. Bound Sheets of Glass
39. Roll of White Linen Bandages
40. Dollhouse
41. Stained Glass Turnip
42. Bronze Candle-Snuffer
43. Coiled Snake Gold Bracelet
44. Bamboo Sugar Box
45. Terracotta Bust
46. Wooden Sparring Sword
47. Bowl of Fortune Cookies
48. Imperial Letter written in Braille
49. Empty Beehive
50. Gold Plated Opium Pipe

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