Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Radiation Damage

Currently running a Labyrinth Lord Game and I have some gonzo elements I'll be introducing. One of the element has to deal with radiation and creatures/objects that emit/deal radiation. So my initial reference was Mutant Future, which has chart for radiation and after 5 failed saving throws in one day you gain a mutation. Now, I don't want to introduce those types of mutations into my game, so I decided to create an alternative version.

Radiation damage is another damage type like fire, cold, acid, etc. For each die of radiation damage you take you must make a save vs poison. Upon failure you gain a point of radiation sickness. Radiation sickness goes from levels 1 to 5. For each point of radiation sickness you take a -1 to all your attributes. Each point of radiation sickness is cumulative. When you reach level 5 you are at -5 to all your attributes and you must make a save vs poison 1/day or die. If you go beyond level 5 you die.

Radiation sickness goes away at 1 point per week. If a delayed poison spell is cast it cuts the time in half. A casting of neutralize poison removes 1 level of radiation sickness. A restoration spell removes all levels of radiation sickness.

Another option is at each level of radiation sickness you might develop another symptom like hair loss, brain cell damage, sloughing of skin, etc. For each level you roll a 1d6 and each level of radiation sickness increases your odds of getting an additional symptom. For example level 2 radiation sickness you might gain additional symptom on a roll 1-2 on a d6. Level 5 radiation sickness you develop one on roll 1-5 on a d6. Some of the symptom are flavor elements, while other might have mechanical penalty to them.

Radiation Sickness Levels

D6 Symptom
-1 to all attributes
-2 to all attributes
-3 to all attributes
-4 to all attributes
-5 to all attributes

Symptom Chart

Hair Loss
Clumps of hair fall out.
Severe Fatigue
You are wrack by severe fatigue and must make a con check each day or be bedridden.
You go last in all initiative rounds.
Brain Cell Loss
Additional 1 point of intelligence damage and if you are a spell caster you lose one spell slot randomly.
Spontaneous Bleeding
Once per day their a 50% chance you begin bleeding. You take 1d4 points of damage and 1 point each round until mended or cured.
Hampered Immune System
Saves vs disease, poison, etc are done at -2.
Shortened Lifespan
Your character will die at the elderly stage instead of the venerable stage. This is cumulative, each time you roll this result it reduces life stage by another step. If it matches your current life stage your character dies.
Teeth Loss
1d4 teeth are lost each day
You become infertile
Appetite Loss
You have no desire to eat.

A monster using Radiation Rules

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