Thursday, June 16, 2016

12 Random Encounters

1. A woman tired, beaten, and exhausted stumbles upon the group. The sound of a dozen men off in the distance. She has been labeled a witch because they discovered she had a third nipple. She begs you to protect or hide her before the mob arrives.

2. As you're exploring the wilderness your next step breaks the forest floor. A hole has been covered up. Investigating the hole reveal a large cavern underneath the floor. Moments later you hear a scream for help coming from below.

3. A flock of giant vultures circle the sky to the east. A large cry of agony can be heard. An owlbear has just taken down a deer. Blood and gore covering his fur. The giant vultures are opportunistic and will attack the winning party if they are weakened.

4. Tied to a tree is a gnome dressed in a diaper. He begs to be set free. He was convicted of adultery by the local villagers and has been left to die. He proclaims he is innocent and never slept with the mayor wife.

5. A lone barrel sits on the road. It is filled with black powder. Goblins hide in the bushes nearby. Their arrow ready to be set aflame.

6. An invisible Leprechaun shouts insults and curses as you approach. He is angry because his pot of gold has been stolen. A band of Satyrs snatched his most prized possession. He knows their location and promises the group 10% of the value if reacquired.

7. A stone statue of a jester covered in moss and ivy. A dirty emerald as a right eye. Anyone touching the statue swaps places with the jester and is petrified. The jester is now flesh and blood, he introduces himself as Jack Point and thanks the group for getting him of this predicament.

8. Sitting on a tree stump is a farmer with three wolves. He is sobbing and complains that his farm has been foreclosed. He can't afford to take care of his domesticated companions and fears they won't last long in the wild. He offer them to the group. The wolves are actually werewolves who waits for the party to camp before feasting on the unsuspecting.

9. You meet a merchant and his henchmen on the road. He has recently acquired a magic item and is looking to peddle it off. He is not seeking coinage, but would rather barter for something the adventurers might possess.

10. You stumble upon a treehouse. Young Conrad has run away from home and built his new abode in the woods. He has recently been hearing strange noises at night and ask the group if they will spend a night in his home.

11. A decrepit guardhouse sits by the road. You hear sounds coming from inside. A group of bandits took refuge here during a recent thunderstorm. A virulent patch of memory moss covers the interior and has drained their minds. The bandits are now emaciated, insane, and unstable.

12. In the forest clearing are half dozen cuddly little pups playing. A pair of Dire Wolves lurking nearby.

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