Sunday, June 5, 2016

3 Variant Zombies

1. Infected: This zombie replaces its slam attack with a bite attack. Each time it successfully bites the victim he must save vs poison or slowly become a zombie if not slain outright. A cure disease is needed to break the transformation, otherwise in 5 days you become one of the mindless dead. Chart below is guidelines for the change.

Day 1
Flesh becomes pale and cold
Day 2
You feel sluggish. You go last in initiative. Your intelligence drops by ⅓.
Day 3
You gain immunity to spell that work on the mind. Your intelligence drops by another ⅓.
Day 4
You can be turned or controlled by a cleric. Holy water damages you.
Day 5
Mind is lost and body is dead. A Zombie you are.

2. Infested: This Zombie is infested with lice. Every successful attack requires their victim to save vs poison or become infested with lice. The lice quickly spread throughout your gear and find a home in your hair. This minor inconvenience causes itching and scratching while infested. There is a 5% chance each round you lose your attack while dealing with a nasty itch. You can rid yourself of the lice by shaving your hair and cleaning your gear. Also any cure spell will rid you of this nuisance.

3. Slag: This Zombie is merged with a fire elemental. The elemental controls the host body and veins of slag flow through its body. Each attack by the Zombie causes armor to degrade by 1. When armor is reduced to AC 9 it is destroyed. Anyone attacking with a non-magical weapon has their weapon degrade. Their weapon drops one die type for each attack. A 1d10 weapon drops to 1d8. If a weapon drops below 1d3 it is destroyed.

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