Wednesday, September 9, 2015

50 Random Mundane Items V

50 Random Mundane Items V

From useless junk to items of immense value. Mundane objects to replace your typical treasure find of simple coins and gems.

1. Warped Quaterstaff
2. Rusty Manacles
3. Brass Tongs
4. Eagle-Shaped Electrum Letter Opener
5. Nigh-Blue Silk Robe
6. Block of Aged-Cheese
7. Copper Coat Button
8. Bouquet of Dead Roses
9. Mithril Key
10. Vial of Gold Dust
11. Silver and Gold Tooth
12. Zinc Rod
13. Box of Volcanic Ash
14. Dozen Silver Spoons
15. Calligraphy Kit
16. Beaver-Skin Boots
17. Bag of Malachite Powder
18. Bison Fur Cloak
19. Belt of Shriveled Halfling Hands
20. Velvet Pouch with a set of Playing Cards
21. Barrel of Olive Oil
22. Elk Thighbone
23. Solid Gold Idol
24. Dire Bear Pelt
25. Brass Peacock with Ruby Eyes.
26. Miniature Clockwork Dog
27. Pair of Drake-Skin Gloves
28. Cobra-Shaped Earrings
29. Plush Orcus Toy
30. Onyx Comb
31. Jar of Dried Seeds
32. Vial of Orc Sweat
33. Hollowed Unicorn Horn
34. War Drums made of Bamboo and Dragon-Skin
35. Deer Antlers
36. Stone Tablet etched with the True Name of a Demon
37. Severed Finger with a Jade Ring
38. Plague Doctor's Mask
39. Portrait of a Naked Elven Maiden
40. Coral Ring
41. Jagged Wooden Beam
42. Book with Lumberjack Poems
43. Dented Tin Crown
44. Tome of Goblin Art
45. Wax Sealed Jewelry Box
46. Tortoise-Shelled Snuffbox
47. 10 Sheets of Vellum
48. Small Wooden Mermaid Statue
49. Ivory Finger
50. Bowl of Sugar Cubes.

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  2. Hey, running my first face to face in two years and wanted a list of mundane stuff for starting characters and found this. Fits the bill. Cheers mate.

    BTW, I promised some starting item with the equivalent of a boon (plus one whatever minor weapon or AC item. Coral ring that grants water breathing limited. Mermaid statuette that gives disadvantage to salt water thingies. Very good list for challenging your own winging skills, though will maybe have them roll over for me before the game. Nice!