Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Magical Hodgepodge II

Treatise of Abyssal Lore: This large book is made from the skin of hundreds of humanoid hide from across the multiverse. The words are penned in sanguine ink that constantly shifts and swirls, making it extremely difficult to comprehend. Anyone with an intelligence of less then 12 can't decipher its cryptic language. Those with a 12 to 17 intelligence can spend a turn consulting the book to gather insight on a specific demon type. Those with 18 plus in intelligence receive a +1 to decipher the contents of the book.
     The user must spend one turn studying the book and then proceeds to roll a 1d6. On a roll of 1-3(18 plus Int succeeds on a 1 - 4) the user is able to recall information on a specific demon type. This information can be special abilities, weaknesses, etc. On a roll of 4 - 6 the user is unable to decipher the cryptic nature of the book. On a roll of a 6, the user must roll d6 again. If another 6 is rolled, then another roll is required. If three 6s have been rolled then the book returns to the Abyss and is replaced by the demon the user was attempting to research.

Nether Spike: This nail is forged of silver and discarded scrap metal from a destroyed magic item. The scrap metal from the item has residual magic that still permeates. Nether Spike is effective vs incorporeal undead. It allows the user to hammer the nail into the same space the incorporeal creature is occupying, forcing the undead to partially materialize and be tethered to the spike. The partial materialization allows for non-magical weapons to harm the incorporeal creature but at 1/2 their damage. It also keeps the incorporeal creature from moving from the Nether Spike unless a save vs death is made to break free.

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