Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 Random Town Encounters

1. The group is assaulted by Librarians who mistake one of the PCs for being extremely delinquent on some books. The Librarians attack with non-lethal damage and once the group is subdued, confiscate any scrolls or book in their possession.

2. You hear haunting melodies coming from beneath the sewer grate. A pair of Sirens have taken up residence down below and luring stray travelers to their death.

3. As you are moving around town you hear cries for help. A building is burning down and a young girl screams from the second story window for help. Within a matter of minutes the entire building will be engulfed in flames.

4. A man with meat strapped to his body runs frantically into the alleyway. A pack of stray dogs chasing behind.

5. A strung out opium addict stops you in the street. He offers adventuring gear at rock bottom prices. At a nearby inn a lone adventurer lies dead in his bed.

6. The stable erupts into chaos. Horses are trampling the stable boys and rampaging in the streets. A bad case of mad horse disease has broken out.

7. A group of children bully a young lad. They circle him and assault him with threats. If interrupted they pull out knives and threaten to do the same to you.

8. A tax collector stops the group and ask if they have paid their excess taxes. He then proceeds to ask them financial questions and ask for proof of current wealth. Once collected he imposes a 10% tax on current coinage.

9. Slavers travel down the main street with their most prized possession, a Hill Giant. His shackles come undone and he savagely attacks all nearby. The Slavers warn the group not to harm their prized possession or they will be replacements for damaged property.

10. The group notice citizens gather around for the afternoon hanging. Moments after the sound of broken necks the dead rise to seek vengeance against their audience.


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