Wednesday, August 12, 2015

20 Random Curses

20 Random Curses to befall your players. Be it from the final dying words of an old witch to the misfortune of opening a tomb that shouldn't have been. Curses can be cured through a remove curse spell or a set of circumstances that the DM decides. The DM can also use these curses as effects of a bestow curse spell if he sees fit.

20 Random Curses

1. Fragile: A natural 1 on an attack automatically shatters your weapon beyond repair.

2. Weakness: Your damage is reduced by one die type. A weapon that does 1d10 does 1d8. A spell that does 6d6 does 6d4.

3. Speech: Anyone who can understand you suffers 1 point of damage each round you speak.

4. Dark Reincarnation: Once you are slain your are immediately reincarnated as an undead creature.
                                                                d4 Undead
                                                                1. Zombie
                                                                2. Ghoul
                                                                3. Ghast
                                                                4. Wight

5. Thirst: Water or other liquids provide you no hydration. You must consume magical potions to be hydrated. Failure to consume potions will result in death in 1d4+2 days.

6. Indecision: You hesitate in all your actions. You attack once every two rounds and all spell casting times are doubled.

7. Crawl: You can't stand or walk, but you can crawl. You are considered prone and your movement is reduced by half.

8. Incurable: You don't naturally heal damage or all cure spells have no effect on you.

9. Painful: All damage dealt to you is maxed.

10. Nearsighted: You see perfectly clear within 10' of you. Beyond that your vision is blurry and you can't perceive anything. Your suffer 50% miss chance on all missile attack rolls.

11. Farsighted: You vision is blurry within 10' of you. All your melee attacks suffer a 50% miss chance. Beyond 10' you see perfectly clear.

12. Remorseful: Every time you slay an enemy you feel sorrow for their lost. You can't do anything for 1d4 rounds as you mourn their death.

13. Addiction: Your addicted to blueberry pie or whatever. If on any given day you don't indulge in your vice you enter a severe depression and refuse to do anything except find your blueberry pie.

14. Beacon: Your draw unwanted attention. All random encounter rolls are doubled.

15. Bleeder: Every time you take damage you continue to bleed for one additional round. Repeat the damage your were dealt the following round.

16. Yellow: Every time you are presented with danger your must make a wisdom attribute check to maintain your composure. Failure mean you move at full speed away from the danger. A new check can be made each round.

17. Misfortune: All saving throws are made with a 2d8 rather then a d20.

18. Youthful: Each day your age is reduced by 1d6 years. If you pass the infant stage you cease to exist.

19.Growing Old: You age 1d6 years each day. You gain all the negative physical modifiers but none of the beneficial mental ones associated with age.

20. Poor Comprehension: Every time you read or are spoken to you must make an intelligence attribute check to comprehend the meaning.

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