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Random Urban Encounters

Random Urban Encounters

D6 Urban Encounters
  1. City Trouble (Potential Combat Encounters)
  2. Street People (Various NPCs)
  3. Building Scenery 
  4. Marketplace Finds
  5. Event
  6. Adventure Seed

D12 City Trouble

  1. Escaped zoo animal
  2. Rat Infestation 
  3. Mongrelmen from the sewers
  4. Corrupt guards demanding a payment. 
  5. Colony of zombie cats
  6. Pack of feral dogs
  7. Gang of juvenile pick pockets 
  8. Cultist abducting new recruits
  9. Murder with a pattern. Serial killer on the prowl
  10. Otyugh in a refuse pile
  11. Escaped Lepers who were under quarantine.
  12. Band of goblins disguised as beggars

D12 Street People

  1. Street Performer
  2. Knight & Squire
  3. Noble & Entourage
  4. Guard Patrol (1d4 +1)
  5. Con Artist
  6. Street Gang (2d4 +1)
  7. Merchant
  8. City Crier
  9. Priest on a Soap Box Preaching
  10. Jester and Mimes
  11. Tax Collector
  12. Intoxicated Civilian

D12 Building Scenery

  1. Lucky Lou's Brothel
  2. Tiny Tim Watering Hole
  3. Museum of Curiosities 
  4. Orphanage of Lost Souls
  5. Blue Balls Inn & Tavern
  6. Mineral Spring Bathhouse
  7. Statue of the Matron of Charity
  8. Opium Den
  9. Zazzles Exotic Animal Market
  10. Polluted Koi Pond
  11. Boarded Up House
  12. Wishing Fountain

D12 Marketplace Finds

  1. Human Sized Terracotta Soldier
  2. Three-Headed Cat who speaks Infernal
  3. Clockwork Pigeon 
  4. Gem with a Trapped Soul
  5. Lich Phylactery
  6. Red Dragon Egg
  7. Laser Rifle with No Battery Cell 
  8. Farmers Almanac from Five Years in the Future
  9. Deed to a Haunted Mansion
  10. Treasure Map to an Ancient Tomb
  11. Book on Demon True Names
  12. Mystery Chest that no one can open but is actually a mimic.

D12 Events
  1. Tavern Brawl spills onto the streets.
  2. Merchant cries. "Help! Thief!"
  3. Smoke rises. Building is on fire
  4. Wine festival at the park
  5. Excitement. Gladiator bout tonight.
  6. From up above, the contents of a chamber pot spills on you.
  7. Two Swordsmen attract a crowd as they duel to the death.
  8. A Magic-Users summon spell has gone wild and a random creature from another dimension has emerged. 
  9. Dock workers are rioting for better wages.
  10. Crowd gathers for a public execution.
  11. Midnight market begins to be setup
  12. Caravan of slave traders have arrived

D12 Adventure Seeds

  1. A corrupt politician hires the group to bribe four members of the council. He wishes to sway a key vote in his favor. Some of these bribes require more then a monetary solution.
  2. The thieves guild has released dozens of wild animals from the city zoo to create a distraction for a grand heist.
  3. Prominent member of a noble house was caught in a humiliating situation last night. You are hired to eliminate all witnesses and evidence.
  4. An animal hoarder is paying 1gp to 15gp to collect exotic species of rats. His wishlist includes shadow rats, dire rats, cranium rats, purple whisker rats, venom rats, etc
  5. The most prominent religious figure in the region is visiting. You are hired to escort and protect his holiness.
  6. A Gladiator has been rumored to be throwing his bouts. A bookie wants him eliminated after some major financial losses. 
  7. Refugees from a distant war have begun to flood the city.
  8. City is under a severe drought. Water has become a precious commodity.
  9. The public park has become home to hundreds of homeless. They have setup a slum village of tents. Recently a caretaker has gone missing while tending to the less well off.
  10. The City Bank has been committing usury. Charging enormous interest rates on money with the intent to confiscate property and homes. A quarter of the city has come under control of the bank and citizens are being forced into poverty.
  11. A gang of ghast has taken over the city tannery. The stench of the place hides their odor and provides them the perfect location for apprehensions.
  12. A merchant ship has recently docked with no crew. 

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