Monday, January 4, 2016

5 Magic Items

5 Magic Items

1. Dream Candle: This white candle has black crescent moons that dot its cylinder body. The candle burns for 4 hours. It reduces rest time from 8 hours to 4 hours while lit. All benefits from an 8 hour rest is received in half the time including hit points regained, spell memorized, etc. To receive the benefit from this quickened rest you must be within 30' of the candle and not leave its radius at any point during that time. Upon completion of the rest the candle is destroyed.

2. Rabbit's Foot: This lucky charm is connected to a silver ring and usually worn on a necklace, but can be attached to a belt or other objects. The wearer of the Rabbit's Foot can alter any die by 1 after a dice has been rolled. The wearer can affect anyone within 30' of himself including allies and enemies. The wearer can alter a die roll twice per day.

3. Jar of Vampiric Oil: This concoction of vampire ichor, sweat, and other bodily liquids is formed into a thick oily residue. The Oil can be coated onto a melee weapon. The next 1d3 successful attacks deal normal damage to their opponent while half of that damage is transferred back to the wielder as healing or temporary hit points. The coating will remain active for 1d3 turns or until all successful attacks have been used. Hit points gained above the wielder max will disappear after 1 turn. Coating a weapon in Vampiric Oil consumes one action and each jar has one application.

4. Potion of Ectoplasmic Armor: This purple concoction is made of a supernatural viscous substance of spiritual energy. Once consumed an ectoplasmic armor will wrap around and cover the body, providing a random armor bonus. The size and shape is determined by the chart below. The weight of the armor is 1/10th of normal weight, can be used by any character class, doesn't hinder spellcasting, and last 1d4+1 turns. However, any natural 20 rolled against the wearer will shatter the armor and end its effects.

           Armor Type
Studded Leather
Scale Mail
Chain Mail
Banded Mail
Plate Mail

5. Witch Bottle: This mason jar is filled with nails, broken glass, and other sharp objects. The user of the bottle must fill the remaining air space with their own urine. The bottle is then buried in the soil. The user will be immune to the next harmful spell cast against him as long as he remains within 5 miles of where the bottle is buried. The witch bottle will shatter and be destroyed once those conditions are meet.

artwork by Joanna Ballendorf
owned by Steven Marella

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