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20 Random Treasure Parcels

Treasure Parcels

20 Random Treasure Parcels

Easy to use Treasure Parcels to help populate a room, a chest, items found on a devious monster, etc. There are 20 parcels to choose from. A mixture of mundane items, coins, art objects, gems, minor magic items, etc. Many of the parcel have a collection theme while others are more haphazard.

1. Two Shadow Puppets, Puppeteer Booth, Ball of Cotton String, Pouch with 10 Copper Pieces, and a Tin Cup.

2. Ivory Scroll Case, Scroll of Burning Hands, Scroll of Knock, Quill Pen, Glass Ink Pot, Six Sheets of Blank Parchment, and a Blank Spell book.

3. Brass Thumbscrew, Rusted Saw, Bag of Dried Human Ears, Bucket of Nails, Iron Hammer, Leather Book on Torture Techniques, and a Teak Wood Cross(humanoid size).

4. Alembic, Formula Book, Vial of Vitriol, Ceramic Mortar and Pestle, Copper Retort, Lead Ingot, and Mahogany Chest with 1,000 Lead Coins.

5. Baby Rattle Shaped like a Pig, Red Stocking with Coal, Riding Stick-Horse, Corn Husk Rag Doll, and Agar Wood Toy Boat.

6. Gold Holy Symbol, Bottle of Holy Water, Prayer Book of Hymns, and a Silver Religious Box with 3 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds.

7. Silk Slippers, Silk Shirt, Embroidered Robe, Box with Sewing Needles and Threads, Pouch with 4 Bloodstones(10gp each), and 34 Silver Pieces.

8. Jar of Dried Seeds, Mahogany Quarterstaff, Pouch filled with Wolfsbane, Blowgun, Bamboo Dart Quiver, and 18 Darts.

9. Coral Ring, Black Pearl(300gps), Sea Shell Helm, Small Brass Sextant, and a Lock Box with 88gps.

10. Pair of Bronze Cymbals, 2 Panpipes, Brass Hunting Horn, Bag with a dozen Satyr Hooves, and a Vial of Gold Dust.

11.  Crowbar, 6 Sheets of Honey Paper, Glass Cutter Ring, Thieves Tools, Signet Ring, Bag of Caltrops, and a Skeleton Key.

12. Quilted Cloth Cloak, 4 Wooden Sparring Swords, Pouch of Tobacco, Bottle of Pear Brandy, Roll of Gauze, and 2 Sets of Light Trousers.

13. Live Slug in a Glass Container, Vial of Vampire Blood, Mummified Kitten, Ivory Box with Eagle Feathers, Obsidian Cylinder, and Book about Magical Components.

14. Ceramic Imp Statue, Marble Bust of a Gold Dragon, Slab of Malachite(250gps), 125 gold pieces, and a Wand of Light.

15. Cypress Tree in Burlap, Bag of Fertilizer, Garden Hoe, Lead Watering Pot, and a +1 Magical Sickle.

16. Polished Human Skull with Jade Eyes, Snakeskin Gloves, Tarot Deck, Necklace of Finger Bones, and a Scroll of Animate Dead.

17. Book of Goblin Poems, Peacock Feather Tiara, Copper Tea Kettle, Bag of Mint Tea Leaves, and a Bone Dagger.

18. Canopic Jar, Silver Ankh, Oil Painting of an Oasis, 100 Ancient Gold Coins(worth x2 value), and Clay Offering Tablet.

19. Kilt of Silver Scales, Bagpipes made of Sheepskin, Ornate Claymore, Copper Laced Chainmail Necklace, and Coin Purse with 16cps.

20. Bracelet of Snake Fangs, Primitive War Drums, Pair of Drum Sticks, Kobold Skull Goblet with War Paint, +1 Magical Spear, and a Fur Cloak.

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