Wednesday, January 27, 2016

50 Random Mundane Items IX

50 Random Mundane Items IX

From useless junk to items of immense value. Mundane objects to replace your typical treasure find of simple coins and gems. There are items considered art objects mixed in. When I finish this series I'll sort them into a separate table.

1. Lead Statuette of two Worms Entwined
2. Wool Mittens
3. Crystal Bobeche Chandelier
4. Fox Fur Sporran
5. Pouch with Mulberry Powder
6. Sock Puppet
7. Marble Cutting Block
8. Satin Sheets
9. Troglodyte-Skin Belt
10. Jade Grasshopper Statuette
11. Kelp Cloak
12. Ivory Scrimshaw Pendant
13. Snail Shell Bracelet
14. Turtle Shell Helm
15. Flint Short Sword
16. Chunk of Raw Platinum
17. Rectangular Wicker Shield with Monkey Motif
18. Elephant Tusk
19. Web Shaped Porcelain Dish
20. Bottle of Pear Brandy
21. Petrified Hamster
22. Origami Butterfly
23. Bone Smoking Pipe
24. Puppeteer Booth
25. Hobnail Boots
26. Silent Whistle
27. Fishing Rod
28. Alchemist Formula Book
29. Hourglass filled with Emerald Dust
30. Bronze Skinning Knife
31. Metal Hip Flask with Skull Shaped Stopper
32. Black Smock
33. Wooden Dwarven Alphabet Blocks
34. Tablet with strange Ideograms
35. Feather Duster
36. Model Sailing Boat
37. Alabaster Vase with Insect Motif
38. Gold Collar studded with Topaz Chips
39. Rubber Ducky
40. Pouch filled with Halfling Jerky
41. Graphite Votive Figure
42. Kilt of Silver Scales
43. Fur Coat encrusted with Bloodstones
44. Topiary Hedgehog
45. Outdated Almanac
46. Blood Soaked Journal
47. Silk Scarf tasseled with Tiny Beads
48. Rolled Up Portrait of an Old Woman and a Dozen Cats
49. Bronze Codpiece
50. Black Eye Patch

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