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6 Random Dungeon Rooms VIII

6 Random Dungeon Rooms VIII

1. This 10x10 area is a dungeon cross road, with exit and entrances to the south, east, west, and north. The 10x10 floor is a pressure plate and if the area exceeds more then 300 lbs it sinks down about six inches. Underneath the dungeon tiles is a reservoir of a glue like substance. The substance is pushed through the cracks of the tiles, creating a strong adhesive that causes anyone in the 10x10 area to be stuck in a sticky mess. A dexterity check is allowed to escape to one of the adjoining corridors.
     Once stuck only a universal solvent will dissolve the glue. After 1 hours the glue softens and the room resets. Once the floor descends this alerts the local humanoid tribe of intruders who quickly dash towards the cross road with crossbows loaded to easily pick off trespassers.

2. This room has an ornate bronze plaque that hangs from the door or the walls. This plaque has a superimposed face of demonic origins. The plaque houses a sentient demonic soul who whispers to be released from the plaque and be free from its eternal prison. The plaque can cast dominate person 3 times per day. Once it has successfully dominated a victim it forces them to approach the plaque and kiss it. Once the kiss has been performed the victim and the demonic soul trade places.
     The demon now possesses the victims body while the victim takes the place of the face on the plaque. The only way to release the victim from the plaque is to find someone to kiss the plaque once again, this time without the benefits of dominate person.

3. This large chamber houses dozens upon dozens of chest high pedestals. On top of each pedestal is a head. The majority of the heads are made of stone or wax, with the exception of a half dozen severed human heads. Once an adventurer has examined one of the severed heads it begins to animate and fly up from the pedestal. All remaining severed heads do the same thing and begin to attack. The stone and wax heads begin to animate and cackle with laughter that echoes throughout the chamber. The intense cackling imposes -2 penalty to all attack rolls, disrupts spell casting due to lack of concentration, etc.
     Treat the flying severed heads as zombies with their movement replaced by a fly speed and their slam replaced by a bite. Once all the severed heads are destroyed the wax and stone heads return to normal.

4. This room is 10x10 with shelves along each of the walls and a lone hammer sitting on a bottom shelf. The shelves house thousands of glass vials, containers, jars, etc. A chain with a large bronze bell hangs in the middle of the room. Once someone has entered the room the hammer animates and quickly darts towards the bell. The interloper has one round to prevent the hammer from hitting the bell. If it does the bell causes all the glass to shatter in the room doing 6d6 points of damage from the glass shards and 1d6 points of bleed damage until healed.

5. This 80' corridor is 5' wide and circular. The corridor flickers with lights that changes each round. From white to grey to black. You hear agonizing screams coming from the corridor. Anyone entering the corridor must make a save. A successful save means you can proceed with your normal movement. Failure you take 1d6 points of wisdom damage as horrifying voices assault your mind and sanity. It also stops you in your tracks and prevents movement until the following round. Each round in the corridor requires a save.
     If your wisdom is reduced to zero you die and your body is quickly absorbed into the corridor. There are rumors that a set of helmets exist in the dungeon that will protect you from the strange voices.

6. This room is 20x20 with metal doors equaling the number of PCs in the party. The metal doors are black with no blemishes or markings. A large turn dial is set in the center of each door. The number combo to open the door corresponds to each of the player characters date of birth. Once the combo has been figured out the black metal door slides up revealing a glass pod. Inside the glass pod is a clone of the player character in suspended animation. The secret of that mystery is up to you...

The Random Dungeon Room series is meant to be modular and help generate ideas for when you are creating your own dungeon. The rooms can be placed in a section of your dungeon with ease and hopefully provides some inspiration. I tend to write with OSR Dungeons & Dragons in mind, but most of the stuff is easily converted to other rule sets. If you enjoy this series consider subscribing to my blog for future articles.

I have a pdf compilation of the Random Dungeon Room series on rpgnow. Link provided below
50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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