Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

I started this blog in 2014 with the concept that I would highlight and talk about D&D creatures. In February of 2015 the blog slowly began to transform somewhat into a content blog. Instead of talking about published creatures I would turn my notes into content. The focus has always been on OSR D&D since that is what I enjoy the most. Looking back on the past 11 months has been gratifying. I feel my amateur writing skills have improved and I have received positive feedback on my work.

Looking forward to 2016 and producing more content. The goal is have enough material so I can compile it into pdfs and print on demand books. Listed below are links to the 3 indexes on my blog. Each index has a plethora of content.

Random Encounter Index

  • 400 Hundred Random Mundane Items
  • 42 Random Dungeon Rooms
  • 12 Adventure Sites
  • 20 plus Adventure Seeds/Ideas
  • Random Wilderness, Sewer, and Urban Encounters
  • 20 Random Curses
  • 6 Dungeon Hazard
  • Dungeon Graffiti Generator
  • 20 Random Rumors
  • 12 Strange Occurrences

New Monster Index

  • 8 New Monsters (with original art)
  • 80 Variant Undead
  • Variant Killer Bees

New Magic Item Index

  • 3 Magic Weapons (with original art)
  • 5 Potions (with original art)
  • 35 Magical Trinkets

2016 Goals

In 2016 my focus is on 4 to 8 blog post a month. At least one new monster with original art, more mundane items, get my random dungeon room series up to 100 individual rooms, finish the final four undead in the variant series, and whatever else suits my fancy at the moment. My end goal is hopefully a print on demand books for treasures, new monsters, and a random dungeon room book. May take a year or two but slowly chipping away. If you enjoy my blog consider subscribing or following me on google plus.

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