Monday, December 14, 2015

50 Random Mundane Items VIII

Random Mundane Items VIII

From useless junk to items of immense value. Mundane objects to replace your typical treasure find of simple coins and gems.

1. Oil Painting of Demons Fornicating 
2. Ebony Walking Stick
3. Sack of Mulch
4. Porcelain Spittoon 
5. Bag of Fertilizer 
6. Box of Basalt Tiles
7. Pouch of High-Quality Coffee Beans 
8. Bucket of Sponges 
9. Dartboard with 6 Darts (3 red/3 green)
10. Cherry Red Yak Hair Wig
11. Faience Figurine of a Mummy
12. Hollowed Out Book containing Diamond Dust
13. 25' Spool of Sinew
14. 6' Elastic Cord
15. 10' Wooden Pole with Chain Noose
16. Red Velvet Cushion
17. Bone Nose Ring
18. Red Stocking with name "Tim" sewn in
19. Empty Stone Barrel
20. Leather Tarp
21. Curtain made of Interlinking Steel Coins
22. Necklace made of Weeds
23. Box of Muslin Gauze
24. Marble Bracer in the shape of a Cobra
25. Miniature Wooden Anvil branded with Bull Horns
26. Necklace of Acorns
27. Thick Burlap Coat
28. Barrel of Fermenting Yeast
29. Balloon made out of Buffalo Bladder
30. Birch Bark Canoe 
31. Octopus Door Handle 
32. Sparrow Ear Cuff
33. Crinoline Hoop Cage Skirt
34. Wax Tablet
35. Alabaster Bathing Vessel
36. Brocade Altar Cloth with Gold Trim
37. Wooden Figurine of an Elven Warrior
38.Bag of Dried Human Ears
39. Leather Bound Book wrapped in Oil Cloth
40. Jar of Palm Oil
41. Copper Lace Chainmail Necklace
42. White Burial Shroud made of cotton with the symbol of an Ankh
43. Ivory Box with Peanut Husks
44. Vial of Gum Arabic
45. Mahogany Footstool
46. Brass Sundial with Nautical Designs
47. Clay Bird House
48. Rolled Up Hemp Hammock in a Large Sack
49. Pair of Satyr Hooves
50. Container of Sulfur Ointment 

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