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6 Random Dungeon Rooms VII

6 Random Dungeon Rooms VII

1. This room is 20x15 with a stone basin with stagnant water in the center. On the left and right side of the room are enclosed rotted wooden benches secured to the walls. Each bench has six latrine openings. Directly underneath the room chutes from the latrines run into a refuse pit. The room sinks of urine and feces. The refuse pit is home to two otyughs who wait patiently for anyone using the latrines. They send their pseudopods up through the latrine chute to catch prey in their most compromising positions. The latrine holes are wide enough for a halfling or gnome to squeeze down into the cesspit below. The cesspit has collected an assortment of treasure over the decades for anyone willing to shift through the most foul dreck.

1d4 Refuse Pit Treasures 
100 Copper Pieces, 50 Silver Pieces, Steel Tiara, Scroll Case with a Treasure Map, and a Potion of Healing.
75 Gold Pieces, Marble Bust of a Gold Dragon, Serpentine Stein, and a Backpack filled with Chalk
35 Electrum Pieces, 5 Platinum Pieces, Onyx Comb, and Solid Gold Idol.
Black Pearl, Troll Skull Helm, Broken Chastity Belt, and a Brass Tea Kettle.

2. You find a set of stairs that go down 10' into a room filled with stagnant water that is waist high. The room is 40x40 and has fungus mounds that rise above the waterline. It is possible to make a Dexterity Check to jump onto a fungus mound without immersing yourself into the stagnant water. You can navigate the room by making Dexterity Checks to the nearest mound. If you choose to wade through the stagnant water there is a 50% chance each round a swarm of leeches or 2d4 giant leeches will flock to your position to attack. On the far side of the room beneath the water is a drainage grate that leads to another portion of the dungeon. Requires a perception or secret door check to discover. The grate is currently damaged and requires strength check with +2 bonus to break open.

3. This room is 10x10 with a pool that takes up the the majority of the room. The pool is 8x8 and the ledges around the pool are only 2'. The pool depth is 8' with a giant ruby that shines brightly in the center. The ruby is embedded into the pool floor and radiate magic if examined. Anyone tampering with the ruby sets off a trap. The ruby burns with fiery radiance as it disappears and a fire elemental appears directly in the pool. The water becomes scalding hot and anyone in the pool takes 2d6 points of damage each round as their skin burns. Each round the fire elemental stays in the pool it also suffers 2d6 points of damage.

4. This room is 35x35 with 4 10x10 translucent indigo cubes of light built on a metal platform. Inside these cubes are figures suspended in stasis. The cubes of light are protected by a force barrier that prevents any interaction with the current occupants. Directly across the cubes are mounted metal boxes with flashing lights. Upon inspection they appears to be control panels for the stasis cubes and if successfully disabled releases the beings in stasis. The boxes are foreign to this world and anyone attempting to disable the controls suffer a -30% to their roll. It is possible that a key or manual is located in the dungeon that might assist in this attempt.
The Stasis Cubes were created by the Hourglass Mage, a chronomancer who has collected specimens throughout his time-travelling endeavors. The cubes are meant to preserve his finds for further experimentation.

1d6 Random Stasis Cube Prisoners
Nazi Soldier
Sabretooth Tiger
Giant Egg with Black Runes

5. This room is 20x20 with 10' diameter stone table in the center. The top of the stone table is encased in a glass dome. Inside the dome is a miniature village. You notice tiny humanoid creatures moving around the village and going about their everyday business. If you touch the glass you must save vs spell or be teleported inside the miniature village. This glass dome is actually scrying on a village located in a pocket dimension. This could be a nice resting spot for the adventurers or could lead to some dangerous circumstances.

6. This 20x20 room walls are made of brick. The brick walls house a cavity with six wights that have been buried behind the walls. The wights have learned to mimic a soothing voice and cry out for help once anyone enters the room. Breaking down a section of the brick wall requires proper tools and time, but each section that is damaged reduces the wall structural stability. Once enough of the wall stability have been eroded the wight attempt to break free, bursting from segments of the walls looking for fresh prey.

The Random Dungeon Room series is meant to be modular and help generate ideas for when you are creating your own dungeon. The rooms can be placed in a section of your dungeon with ease and hopefully provides some inspiration. I tend to write with OSR Dungeon & Dragons in mind, but most of the stuff is easily converted to other rule sets. If you enjoy this series consider subscribing to my blog for future articles.

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