Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6 Dungeon Hazards

6 Dungeon Hazards

1. Dweomer Gnats: These albino gnats congregate near sources of magic. Hundreds of them will swarm a room to feed off residue from a magic item or a lingering spell. Dweomer Gnats feed off magical energy that permeates a person, magical items, or a place where magic resides. The gnats will gather around a source of magic and drains a portion of its energy. A wand or staff will have 1d4 charges removed, a scroll will be erased, a potion drained, or a random spell from a spell caster absorbed. Once one of these conditions have occurred their hunger will satiated. Once feed the swarm of gnats will give off a faint luminescent that glows in a 15' radius. Dweomer Gnats are non combatant and are easily driven away by fire.

2. Ghost Weeds: These weeds are incorporeal that grow about 2' high. A patch of Ghost Weeds will occupy a 5' area and over time grow when they drain vitality. Any living creature that passes through a Ghost Weed patch will have 1 hit point drained from them. The drained hit point will feed the Ghost Weed and a round later the patch will grow by 5' in a random direction. A dungeon might have entire room filled with Ghost Weeds from floor to ceiling if enough living vitality has been drained. A Ghost Weed is immune to non-magical items and can only be harmed by magic or holy water. A single point of damage from a spell, magic weapon, or holy water will destroy a 5' patch of Ghost Weed.

3. Enigma Clutter: An Enigma Clutter is a pile of papers, parchments, glues, ink, and various other writing material that has merged together into a mass. Typical clutter will occupy 5' or 10' area and move extremely slow. They can move 5' in one round and they seek out written words. Anytime a written word is within 5' it must make a save or have its words scrambled into an incomprehensible mess. Entire books will be ruined, scrolls scrambled into uselessness, etc. Entire libraries and workshops have had years of knowledge destroyed by these Enigma Clutters. A typical clutter will have 1d4 hit points per 5'.

4. Shadow Walls: The walls of this dungeon room has a shadow that is super imposed on its stonework. The shadow can move throughout connecting walls with ease. Anyone that is within 5' of the shadow on the wall risk having a incorporeal hand reach out and attempt to touch them. The touch will drain 1 strength point. The Shadow Wall attacks as a 2HD creature with 1d8 hit points and can move 30' in a round(only through connecting walls). Only curative magic, holy water, or a turn attempt by a cleric can destroy it.

5. Emotion Puddles: These puddles have absorbed psychic energy and the liquid takes on the color of the emotion that has been infused with it. Anyone touching or stepping into the puddle must make a save vs spell or be infused with raw emotion. The table below has example emotion colors and effects.
Emotion Spectrum
Bright Red
You become enraged and attack the nearest person. Last 1d4 rounds.
You feel at peace with the world and yourself. You can’t engage in combat for 24 hours.
You are sexually aroused and try to fornicate with the nearest person. Last 1d4 rounds.
You fall into a peaceful slumber and awaken refocused. You gain +1 to all rolls for 24 hours. The slumber last 2d4 rounds.
You feel depressed. You refuse to leave this room. Last 24 hours.
You become severely ill. You lose 1d4 hit points each round for 2d4 rounds.

6. Dust Mold: This mold is typically found in large colonies that coat entire caverns or dungeon floors. The mold is predominately black with thousands of white specks littered throughout it pattern. The white specks are actually spores. Anyone stepping on a Dust Mold causes the spores to explode in a 10' radius into thousands of particles that obscure vision and causes coughing/sneezing. The entire radius appears as if you are in a snowstorm, vision is reduced to 5', can't concentrate to cast spells, and you take -2 to all rolls as your respiratory system is attacked. The cloud of spores disperse over the course of 2d6 rounds.

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