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Random Dungeon Graffiti

Random Dungeon Graffiti

     Dungeon graffiti can be used to mark a room, foreshadow a future threat, add some cryptic messages, or simply add a touch of flavor to an empty room. Graffiti can be found in any room throughout the dungeon. A corridor may have the signature of a great adventurer who has passed through. Another option is the dungeon lobby. The entrance hall might have the ritual where every explorer leaves a saying and/or marks their names.

Presented below are tables to help inspire signatures, phrases, languages, etc.

Table 1: Language
Table 2: Written In
Table 3: Phrases/Sayings/Messages
Table 4: Name Markings/Signatures

D12 Random Language

  1. Common
2. Undercommon
3. Dwarven
4. Elven
5. Halfling
6. Gnome
7. Giant
8. Drow
9. Goblin
10. Abyssal
11. Infernal
12. Draconic

D8 Written In..

1. Graphite
2. Ink
3. Chalk
4. Paint
5. Blood
6. Feces
7. Charcoal
8. Unknown Substance

D20 Random Graffiti Phrases/Sayings/Messages

1.  Trust the lies, not the truth
2. I’ll protect you from all the things I have seen.
3. Sometimes whispers can make you mad.
4. Turn back! There is no treasure here!
5. Beware of things that are slimy and green.
6. I came in with many friends, I left with none.
7. Only the dead have seen the end.
8. Beware for your shadow may betray you.
9. I found a chest and it took my arm.
10. Who knew there is a darker version of elves.
11. Fame and fortune they said…..
12. This is a prison not a dungeon
13. Saying goodbye is always bittersweet.
14. Follow the blood trail….
15. A statue shouldn’t weep.
16. Beware of the wizard who lost his life.
17. I meet a man who was not what he claimed.
18. Don’t stare at the paintings too long.  
19. Be very quiet. Words travel very far.
20. Burn the dead if not they shall rise again.

D20 Name Markings/Signatures

1. Zalabar the Wicked
2. Sir Truman
3. Xenoth the Undying
4. Peg Leg Suzy
5. The Great Karagarn
6. Hampton Wick
7. Corwynn the Blissful Elf
8. Crimson Knight
9. Zog the Dwarf Eater
10. Electrum Mage
11. One Eye Reny
12. Alabaster Shuh
13. Gomgar Blackbeard
14. Crescent Merchant Company
15. Barkin Sinclair
16. Frisky Lorraine
17. Czar of Pumpernick Village
18. Attila
19. Dinky the Donkey
20. Lady Godiva

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