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6 Random Dungeon Rooms VI

6 Random Dungeon Rooms VI

1. In the center of this chamber sits a wishing fountain. An elaborate celestial maiden stands in the center of this pool spouting stagnant water from her mouth. This fountain was once pure and provided beneficial boons upon those who throw coins into its once pristine waters. A decade ago a demon invaded the complex and was slain. His remnants were thrown into the fountain and over time has slowly began corrupting the waters. It is now known as the Fountain of Fickle Fortunes. Anyone throwing a gold piece coin into the fountain has a 50/50 chance of receiving a boon or a bane. The boon or bane can only be granted once per day. Consult the chart below, odd rolls are banes, even rolls are boons.

-1 to all rolls for 24 hours
+1 to all rolls for 24 hours
Lose 2d4 hit points
Gain 2d4 temporary hit points
Next time you are hit you take x2 damage
Next time you hit an opponent you do x2 damage
All Coins in your possession disappear.
All coins in your possession double
Lost 500 experience
Gain 500 experience

2. In this rectangular chamber lies six statues of monks. Three to each side. In the center of the room is a pentagram painted in blood. Each statue is emitting a prayer hymn of infernal origins. Each statue is chanting a different hymn and the overlapping sounds is quite disturbing. Upon investigating each statue you notice each statue has a lever with six different positions. If all the levers are positioned into corresponding sequences the pentagram glows with fiery red light and a fiendish creature is summoned. Once summoned it attacks anyone in the room. There are six possible sequences if all the lever are aligned the same.

                                                                      6 Sequences

Summons 3d4 Lemure
Summons 1d4+1 Imps
Summons 1d4+1 Quasits
Summon 1 Babau
Summon 1 Bone Devil
Summon 1 Marilith

3. This large cavern extends as far as the eye can see. The floor of the cavern is like swiss cheese. Holes dot the landscape and steam rises from these openings. Lava flows 100' below this cavern and tributary from an underground river flows into the lava creating a tremendous amount of steam that rises from below. While in the cavern vision is reduced by half and the steam scalds exposed skin. Each turn exploring the cavern deals 1d4 points of damage as your skin blisters. Because of the precarious nature of the cavern any fighting by the ledges of the holes has 50% chance of collapsing the fragile floor plunging the unfortunate to the lava below unless a dexterity check is made.

4. The entrance chamber to this massive dungeon has a huge Ettin statue on the far wall. The legs under the Ettin statue are spread apart and a single stone door stands beneath it. As you examine the door you can't find a way to open it. If you investigate the statue you notice one of the Ettin heads is missing. Upon the stump is dried blood. The only way to open the door is to find an Ettin and decapitate one of its head. If you place the severed head upon the stump the door will open. 

5. This room is pitch black and absorbs non-magical light. In the center of this room is an unlit bonfire. If the bonfire is ignited it erupts into a fiery fury. As the light fills the room the shadows from your body appear ominous. They quickly animate into shadows(as the monster) for each person in the room and attack. Once your shadow is slain another one reforms one round later. The only way to stop the shadows from appearing is by extinguishing the bonfire.

6. This 20x20 chamber has a high ceiling. On the ceiling are metal cones, lightning rods, and 2 wire cages suspended by chains. Inside these cages are sewn together dead humans(flesh golems) created from dozens of mismatched parts. In the center of the room is a mechanical apparatus with buttons and levers. A thief who rolls a find and remove trap roll can activate the machine. Also a magic-user who makes an intelligence check at -6 can also activate the machine. Upon activation the apparatus shoots lighting bolts into the ceiling creating spectacle of electricity. Shortly after activation the wire cages burst open and the flesh golems drop to the floor fully animated.

I have a pdf compilation of the Random Dungeon Room series on rpgnow. Link provided below
50 Random Dungeon Rooms

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