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Chaos Ooze

Chaos Ooze
No. Enc: 1 (0)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 60' (20')
Armor Class: Variable (see below)
Hit Dice: 8
Attack: Variable(see below)
Damage: Variable(see below)
Save: F5
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: VIIx2
XP: 3560

Chaos Oozes hail from the Plane of Chaos and spread to the Material Plane through planar breaches. These mindless creatures are an amalgam of various material consisting of flesh, metals, slimes, debris, etc. They constantly shift from minute to minute creating a random set of circumstances each round in combat. A typically Chaos Ooze are 12' long and can weigh a couple thousand pounds.

They scour dungeons collecting any material they encounter. Whole sections of a dungeon complex have been known to be wiped clean as the Chaos Ooze assimilates furniture, tools, statues, weapons, liquids, etc. The Chaos Ooze will engulf any inanimate material and slowly absorb it to sustain its form and provide nutrients. Chaos Oozes prefers to slay any living prey before feeding off them. Depending on the mass and consistency of the material being consumed it can take anywhere from a couple rounds to a couple of days. A slain Chaos Ooze body can be searched for treasure. During its travels it may have consumed coins, gems, magic items, mundane items etc.


  • Variable Defense: The configuration of the Chaos Ooze changes each round. Sometimes plates of metal will cover a substantial part of the ooze while other rounds less durable material will cover a significant portion of the oozes body. Each round roll 1d6 on the fluctuation chart below, that will determine its armor class each round.
  • Variable Attacks: The Chaos Ooze can attack with up to six pseudopods each round dealing anywhere from 1d4 to 1d20 points of damage. Each round roll two 1d6s to determine number of attacks and damage dealt. See the fluctuation chart below
  • Variable Resistance: The configuration of the Chaos Oozes body is ever changing. Each round it gains and loses resistances depending on which elements are dominate. Roll 1d6 on the fluctuation chart below.
  • Engulf: The Chaos Ooze can choose to engulf an opponent instead of making any attacks this round. The Chaos Ooze simply needs to move over its opponent to occupy its space. The opponent may make a dexterity check to move out of the way. If a dexterity check is failed then the victim is engulfed and takes 2d6 points damage as its body begins to be ripped apart and meld into the Chaos Oozes form. Each round a trapped victim may make a strength check to break free.

Fluctuation Chart

Immune to Slashing Damage
Immune to Piercing Damage
Immune to Blunt Damage
Immune to Fire and Acid
Immune to Cold and Electricity
Immune to Spells

  For example at the beginning of a round you roll 5d6 to determine the Chaos Oozes current arrangement. It could have an AC of 7, 6 attacks that do 1d10 points of damage and immune to slashing damage. The following round the creature will have a new arrangement.

Adventure Seeds

A planar rift to the Plane of Chaos has recently appeared in the nearby wilderness. The local sage Abigar has created a device to close the rift. He hires the adventuring group to perform this task. Unfortunately a Chaos Ooze lurks outside the breach waiting for any prey to encroach on its new territory.
A wizard hoping to specialize in chaos magic wants the group to capture a Chaos Ooze alive. He wishes to dissect and analyze its highly morphic nature to gather greater insight into the very nature of chaos itself.
A powerful nobleman’s son recently went on an exploration in a dark dungeon. Only one person from his party survived. The survivor mentioned they were killed by a mutating ooze. He believes the nobleman’s son body was absorbed into the ooze. The nobleman hopes to have his son resurrected, but needs some piece of his body to do so. He is hoping the adventurers can help with this quandary

Chaos Ooze was written for Labyrinth Lord and is compatible with any OSR D&D game.

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artwork by Joanna Ballendorf
owned by Steven Marella

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