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Celestial Bow of Radiance

Celestial Bow of Radiance

The Celestial Bows of Radiance are crafted by master artisans on the Seven Heavens of the Outer Planes. Created to be used by its Angel protectors to quickly heal or restore injured comrades during their eternal battle with the fiends of the lower planes. These long bows create arrows of pure positive energy that is used to target fellow allies.

The bow is fired at a fellow ally and an attack roll is required. The AC of a willing subject is 9 modified by any cover penalties if in the thick of battle. If fired within 10' of a friendly target no roll is required. Upon success the bow uses charges to bestow curative effects. The Celestial Bow has 7 charges. The user can expend charges to perform various healing function as indicated from the chart below.

1 Charge
Cure Light Wounds
2 Charges
3 Charges
Cure Disease
3 Charges
Remove Curse
4 Charges
Cure Serious Wounds
4 Charges
Neutralize Poison
5 Charges
Cure Critical Wounds
7 Charges
Raise Dead

If all seven charges are exhausted the bow erupts into radiant light and is destroyed. The bow can replenish charges by casting any of the spells on the table into the bow. The appropriate spell will replenish that many charges. For example a cure critical wound spell cast by a cleric will replenish five charges. The bow can never have more then seven charges at a time.

The only combat ability of the Celestial Bow is that a cure spell can be used to harm undead and creatures from the lower planes(demons, devils, etc). The damage normally cured would be converted to positive energy damage. A cure light wounds charge would inflict 1d6+1 points of damage.

artwork by Joanna Ballendorf
owned by Steven Marella

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