Tuesday, November 10, 2015

50 Random Mundane Items VII

50 Random Mundane Items VII

From useless junk to items of immense value. Mundane objects to replace your typical treasure find of simple coins and gems.

1. Green Glass Stopper
2. Chessboard and Chess Pieces made of Ebony and Ivory
3. Mason Jar with Multi-Colored Sand
4. Chocolate Covered Rat Tails
5. Torn Battle Banner with Exploding Golden Sun
6. Jar of Bees Wax
7. Kobold Idol with Diamond Eyes
8. Life-Sized Marble Statue of an Imp
9. Porcelain Cat with a Tail made of Gold
10. Obsidian Jackal Head Bust with Emerald Teeth
11. Weaving Loom
12. Goatskin Bagpipes
13. Golden Cage with an Emaciated Parrot
14. Brass Merchant Scales
15. Owlbear Fur Blanket
16. Velvet Fez
17. Jack-in-a-Box
18. Chain Belt of Wrought Gold
19. Pair of Left Footed Leather Boots
20. Bottle of Skunk Musk Perfume
21. Wheel of Hard Cheese
22. Triangular Stone Box with 6 Gold Leaves
23. Damask Pillow
24. Dozen Pages of Sheet Music
25. Viper Mask made of Cork and Bronze
26. Box of Tobacco Leaves
27. Saddle Decorated in Flames and Skulls
28. Rainbow Spectacles
29. Gnome Skull with Partial Set of Gold Teeth
30. Bleached Bone Inscribed with Intricate Scrimshaw
31. Pouch of Carnelian Dust
32. Platinum Bangle
33. 1' Diameter Copper Ball with Coin Slot
34. Tooth of a Brass Dragon
35. 100 Gold Colored Lead Coins
36. Ankh-Shaped Mirror Case
37. Club Embedded with Gemstone Chips
38. Crow Quill Pen
39. Tin Foil Hat
40. Dowsing Rod made of Willow
41. Brass Hanging Censer
42. Canvas and Leather Straitjacket
43. Bag of Frankincense Resin
44. Soapstone Coaster with Image of a Pentagram
45. Scarab Signet Ring
46. Maiden, Mother, Crone Plaque made of Oak
47. Ventriloquist's Dummy
48. Chalkboard
49. Rawhide Webbing Snowshoes
50. Stone Eye with a Diamond Lens

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