Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10 Winter Festival Adventure Seeds

10 Winter Festival Adventure Seeds

These 10 adventure seeds are based on a Winter Festival or the mysterious Father Christmas. Whatever theme that festival takes on is very dependent on the campaign. These simple adventure seeds are meant for inspiration and a little fun.

1. Elves are missing from the forest. Rumors of a heavy set fat man with a white beard and red coat has been kidnapping the elves. He has forced them into slavery to build toys for all the boys and girls.

2. The Mayor has hired the group to find the largest and tallest pine tree for the Winter Festival. Far in the northern forest sits a nursery with the most elegamt pine trees in the region. The group must find the nursery and transport this massive tree back to the village.

3. A severe snowstorm is about to engulf the region. Father Christmas has hired the group to find a reindeer with a shiny red nose.

4. The Queen has hired the group to find a gift for her husband. The gift is one of a kind and found in the deepest darkest dungeon.

5. The group is awakened in the middle of the night. The Constable is in panic. Someone stole all the Winter Festival gifts. Morning is quickly approaching and he needs them to be retrieved before the festivities begin.

6.  The local toy maker has hired the group to find components. He is crafting a gift for the princess and it must be exact. Any departure from the original design could result in beheadings.

7. The village created a large and elaborate snowman. Recently it disappeared and dead bodies have been found in the forest. Witnesses claim this snowman has come to life and is on a murderous rampage.

8. A reclusive wizard has recently been visited by a ghost. The ghost claims that he shall be visited by 3 more representing his past/present/future. He believes these ghost are going to kill him and has hired the adventurers to protect his life.

9. Father Christmas Workshop is located far up north. Many adventurers have attempted to break into the workshop to steal its rumored treasures. Rumors of fierce guardians include dire reindeer, wooden soldiers, and tiny knife wielding elves dressed in tight fitting green outfits.

10.  During the festival people are dying. Someone poisoned the eggnog.

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