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10 Variant Mummies

10 Variant Mummies

10 Variant Mummies is the continuation of a set of articles that add or maybe subtract abilities to your typical undead encounter. If you have players who have been playing for a number of years they might know every ability a standard undead creature has. Presented below are 10 variant of your standard theme. The baseline is Labyrinth Lord which is a retro-clone of B/X D&D/AD&D.

Your typical Mummy abilities are: Immune to mind affecting-abilities, can only be harmed by magical weapons, spells, and fire-based attacks, and mummy rot. When a mummy hits in combat you contract mommy rot that prevents you from receiving any magical healing. You also only heal at 1/10th your normal rate. Mummies are 5HD undead.

1. Turn Reversal: Anytime a cleric attempts to turn this Mummy it backfires and the turn attempt reflects back at the group. Have the cleric roll his normal turn undead and compare the results to the parties HD. This essentially becomes a turn living roll.

2. Cobra: This mummies pet cobra was buried in his tomb. Over time it has wrapped around its body and has merged with his form. This fused cobra adds 1HD to the mummy and gives it an additional bite attack for 1d3 points of damage and requires a save vs poison or be killed in 1d10 turns. Also the Cobras head can spit poison which requires a save vs poison or be blinded.

3. Dehydrating: In addition to contracting mummy rot each hit by this Mummy also causes dehydration. Water from your body quickly evaporates and you find yourself frantically searching for water. On your next round you must spend your action quenching your thirst.

4. Mummification: Touch of this Mummy imparts strands of dusty linens to wrap around your body and quickly begin the mummification process. Over the course of three rounds you are quickly transformed into a mummy. This replaces mummy rot.

Round 1.
Your body quickly becomes entangled in wrappings. Your movement is reduced by ½ and all rolls are at -2. You can attempt a Strength Check to break free.
Round 2.
You fall to the floor immobile and can’t perform any actions except to break free. Strength Check with a -2 penalty.
Round 3.
Your character dies and the mummification process is complete.

5. Sandstorm: This Mummy can spend it action transforming into a cloud of scorching sand that fills a 30' radius. Everyone within this radius takes fire damage equal to 1/2 the Mummies hit points. While in this sandstorm visibility is reduced to 5' and the Mummy is immune to all attacks except wind based spells that can disperse it. At the end of the round the Mummy can reform anywhere within this 30' radius. This ability can be used once every other round. 

6. Scarab Host: This Mummies body host thousands of beetles that swarm in and out of its wrapping. It can spend an action pulling back its dusty linens and releasing a swarm of beetles onto the battlefield. Treat these beetles as an insect swarm. 

7. Cursed: The touch of this Mummy inflicts a random curse when it hits you in combat. Roll on the curse table below for a random effect or choose your own. A character can only be cursed once. A remove curse spell will end its effect. This replaces mummy rot.

You suffer from rapid aging. Each round you age 1 year.
All damage dealt to you is maxed
All damage dice you roll is treated as if you rolled a 1.
You lose 1 level per round. If reduced to zero levels you die.
You sure are a bleeder. Each time you take damage you continue to bleed for 1 hit point each round until cured by magical healing. This effect is cumulative.
Traitor. You immediately turn on your party.

8. Locust Aura: This Mummy is surrounded by thousands of locust in a 60' radius. Visibility and perception based checks are reduced 1/2 and any ability requiring concentration is impossible such as spell casting. 

9. Razor: This Mummy linens are made out of thin razor sharp sheets of metal. Any unarmed strike against the Mummy deals 1d4 points of damage to the attacker. Also the Mummy can spend an action to perform a whirlwind attack and have its metal sheets extend out in a 10' radius in swirl of death. The Mummy rolls an attack for each opponent within 10' and deals 3d4 points of slashing damage.

10. Canopic Armor: The body of this Mummy is encased in canopic limestone with hieroglyphic designs. Only its head is exposed. The Canopic armor provides a +2 bonus to armor and an additional 20 hit points. Each hit against the Mummy shatters the canopic armor dealing 1d4 points of damage to those within 5' as shards explode. Once all 20 hits points of the armor is destroyed the Mummies body is revealed and it loses its +2 bonus to armor class. 

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