Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bloody Bones

Bloody BonesThis creature appears as a skeletal humanoid with bits of muscle and sinew hanging from its body. Four long, sinewy tendrils writhe from its midsection. The entire creature constantly oozes a mixture of blood and mucus. Its eye sockets are hollow and show no pupils.

Source: Tome of Horrors Complete Pathfinder

     From a distance this undead creature appears as a normal skeleton. Upon further inspection you notice that blood and sinew hangs from it's body. Four tendrils move and twist about ready to attack. This intelligent undead lurks in the shadows waiting on prey. Typically found in caves, caverns, and unholy places. 

Bloody Bones

     Little is known about the true origin of the Bloody Bones but some scholars speculate that mortals who desecrate an evil temple are cursed by the dark gods for their sacrilegious sins. As their bodies decay they animate into this bloody form. Constantly dripping blood and seeking victims to sedate their appetite. Littered throughout a dungeon you spot dry blood leading you into a trap. From the darkness fleshy tendril grab at you. Seconds later your feel your body being pulled towards this unholy monstrosity.  

Combat: Bloody Bones are medium undead and are challenge rating of 4. 

-Slippery: The Bloody Bones body constantly flows with blood and mucus. Spells that snare and try to contain them fail. Spells like Web, Entangle, or similar spells have no effect on them. Other forms of confinement like grappling is extremely difficult. The Bloody Bones receives a +15 bonus to escape artist checks. 

-Tendril: The Bloody Bones can fire up to four sinewy tendril at their victims. This attack has a range of 30ft and is resolved with a ranged touch attack. The tendrils then attempt to grapple the victim and on the following round pull it towards its bloody claws. Each tendril is relatively strong with 10 hit points each. The tendril can be severed with a slashing weapon or a sunder check.  

-Other Abilities: Undead Traits, Fire Resistance 10

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