Thursday, February 12, 2015


D&D Giant
This hairy humanoid giant's misshapen head appears too large for its body. It wields a lumpy, primitive club.

Source: Pathfinder RPG: Irrisen: Land of Eternal Winter. 

     When Baba Yaga invades a northern domain she brings with her clans of Veds to help as physical enforcement. Once she has secured her domain she let's the Veds fend for themselves. The Veds are clannish giants who are brutal in nature but dim-witted. Once left on their own they gravitate to cold hills and mountains. Once they establish a community they tend to shun society.

     The only contact one receives from the Veds is when they need to stock up on supplies. Raids into the local mining towns are common. Their they capture live humanoids since they enjoy the taste of raw flesh. The defining aspect of a Ved is the ability to suck massive amounts air into it's lungs. Then it releases the air into a gale force effect that blows foes to the ground.

Combat: Veds are large humanoids with the giant subtype. They are a CR 5 opponent.

-Gale Breath: Once every 1d4 rounds the Veds can draw in a mighty breath and expel it in a 30ft cone. Those within 10ft of the Ved must make a DC 18 Strength Check or be knocked prones. The breath also acts like a gust of wind spell for those who are beyond the 10ft effect.

-Feats: The Veds posses Awesome Blow, Power Attack, and Improved Bull Rush as feats. Awesome Blow can be used as standard action. If a bull rush maneuver is successful the target takes damage normally and is knocked 10ft away and falls prone. They are moved in a straight line. If an obstacle is in the way they take 1d6 points of damage from impact. 

     The Veds make great entry level Giants. They are a notch below Hill Giants. The Gale Breath mechanic is also a nice variation from your standard giant assault.

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