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D&D ConstructThis gaunt humanoid creature has blue skin and tall white hair. A slender torso joins two graceful arms, powerful legs, and a noble head. This form is obscured, however by the incredible amount of radiant energy emanating from the creature.

Source: Book of Exalted Deed D&D 3.5. Originally from Planescape Planes of Conflict.

     Created by a lawful group of Aasimon on the Outer Plane of Elysium. They were formed from marshy mud to appear as a human shaped form. In a hidden fortress the Aasimon enable this mannequin so that it could absorb energy from daylight. Within this construct is a fire deep within that blossoms into a cascade of might. The Aasimon named their creation the Quesar meaning "borrowed from heaven's crown".

     After centuries of servitude the Quesar questioned their existence. They would not be merely servants or slaves to the Aasimon. There was a war in heaven. This short conflict was intervened by the Gods who proclaimed that the Quesar are at the command of no one. Since that time the Quesars have been pondering their true purpose. They are servants of light but chained no more.

Combat: Quesar are intelligent medium extraplanar constructs who never use weapons preferring to manifest their offense through the energy the infuses their bodies. They are a Challenge Rating 7.

D&D Construct-Blinding Radiance: Quesars can increase the brightness of their energy halo to 120ft (240ft in shadowy conditions). Any creature within this radius must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be blinded for 1d10 rounds.

-Consuming Brilliance: Three times a day the Quesar can create a burst of energy so intense that all creatures and objects are turn to fine dust. A 14 Fortitude save is needed to avoid 22d6 points of damage as a disintegrate spell. Those who pass the save take 5d6 points of damage.

-Searing Burst: After the Quesar has had the Blinding Radiance active for at least one round it can create a burst of energy similar to a sunburst spell. All creature within 30ft take 6d6 points of damage unless they make a DC 14 Reflex save. A successful save reduces that damage in half. This ability can be used six times a day.

-Energy Halo: At all times the Quesar radiates 20ft of bright light. 40ft in shadowy illumination.

-Fast Healing: Quesars heal 5 points of damage each round while in daylight. Even if slain they will continue to heal if light is present.

-Misc: All the immunities from being a construct, darkvision 60ft, low-light vision, immunity to electricity and fire, spell resistance 18, and damage reduction 10/adamantine.

     Thank God the Quesars are good guys. The Challenge Rating of 7 is completely jacked up. This construct has a boatload of immunities and can dish out a massive amount of damage. The Consuming Brilliance ability is wicked. You do that for 3 rounds in a row and you potentially have 66d6 points of damage plus destroying your gear. This creature is ridiculously overpowered for it's CR level.

     I guess if your party ever turns evil just send the Quesars in........campaign over........make some good characters this time around.

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