Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Session Report: Remnants of a Fallen Kingdom

Session 4 of my current AD&D 2E campaign. Last session the group finished up the DCC adventure Tower of the Black Pearl.

Played on 2/11/15

Cast of Characters

Lefira: 1st level Halfling Fighter  Dead
Azurith: 2nd level Elven Cleric: Couldn't make the session
Taurnil: 1/1st level Elven Thief/Mage
Rin: 1st level Human Paladin
Shnozola: 2nd level Gnome Druid

When we last left off the group was investigating the town of Tarnwood about the mysterious Hobbs family. They also lost the Black Pearl to a group of ravens last session. So the group had two objective this session. First they found out that the small hamlet of Greenspur was sacked by goblins and second they needed to heal the Druid since he had taken a lot of constitution damage. Luckily for them the fey that could cure the druid was in Shudderwood and so was Greenspur.

So this session was mainly about travelling to Greenspur and meeting the Oakman, a fey who could cure Shnozola.

Bullet Points of the Session

-Group travels to Shudderwood. They come across three stone statues next to a wooden signpost. The signpost is pointed towards Greenspur but has the hamlet name crossed out. Upon further inspection of the statues they notice bite marks and come to the conclusion that they were petrified. They also notice giant chicken leg tracks....they decide it is best to move on.

-On the dirt road they come across a fallen tree. Written on the tree in the druid language is weird ramblings....

" I have lost my way.....dear forest........dear earth......never have I heard such voices.....speak in such a way.....the eggs are gone.....the tribe is lost.....stop the voices.....I cannot bring more...the balance is gone...."

Group continues to move on.

-They come across two dead horses on the road. Dozens of feet away is a destroyed wagon and four dead bodies. They inspect the bodies and as they do they rise as zombies. Fight breaks out and the PCs win. They loot the bodies and then burn them.

-Time to rest. They rest up for the night. In the middle of night watch they hear a lone wolf howl from the east. In the morning the druid wants to investigate the howl to the east. The group agrees and they come across a cave with an entrance covered up by a bunch of branches. Outside of the entrance are four flower pots. Two of them are empty. Two of of them have clay inside and water. They light a fire inside one empty pot and blow into the other. The branches burn up and reveal the entrance to a cave complex.

-The Cave of Doom! Not really but it smells like rancid flesh. They explore the cave and find the Druid of the forest body. He's dead and his belly was torn open from the inside. Also the cave was a Kobold community. In one room dozens of Kobold are found piled up and dead. Also their eggs have been shattered. The mystery deepens.....

-Babbling can be heard. Half the group is hypnotized and an Allip appears before them(possible cause of the Druids madness). The Allip is a tough fight and drains the halfling fighter Lefira to zero wisdom and she dies. The group uses holy water to kill the Allip. They decides to get out of the cave and continue their journey. They mourn Lefira and give her a proper burial.

-They come across the remnants of a ruined tower. Inside a semi-circle of foundation is a giant oak tree and a table with pies made of leaves and fungi. From the trees around them they hear a voice. The voice starts to insult the party. After a few minutes of being insulted. He invites them to eat his homemade pies which might cure the Druid or kill him. After two unsuccessful pie attempts and further injury the druid picks the right pie to eat and is fully healed.

There is were we ended for the night.

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