Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Force Golem

D&D GolemHumanoid in shape but carved in reflective blue-green metal plates, this creature looks as though it has been mangled or rent by powerful hands. Its body sags as though its armor has melted, or perhaps was reshaped by great force.

Source: D&D Monster Manual V 3.5

     Force Golems are sentient constructs with the ability to control kinetic energy and raw force. When created the Force Golem is fused with an elemental spirit. The spirit is allowed some awareness and independence. This allows them to follow complex orders and carry out complicated task. Despite their awareness they are still loyal to their creator.

     The Force Golems like to engage opponents on open battlefields. This allows them to take advantage of their special abilities. The Force Golem focuses on keeping foes at a distance. With the ability to manipulate force they knock foes into walls or obstacles. When attacked in melee combat the Force Golem can redirect the attackers own kinetic force.

Combat: Force Golems are large constructs. Challenge Level 4.

-Immunity to Magic: Immune to all spells that require spell resistance. The only exception is force effects.

-Force Vulnerability: They take +50% extra damage from Force effects.

-Force Burst: Once every 3 rounds the Force Golem can created a burst of force in a 30ft radius centered on itself. Opponents need to make a DC 14 reflex save. Those who fail take 2d6 points of damage and are knocked prone.

-Force Reactive: Whenever an opponent misses with a melee attack the Force Golem can turn the kinetic energy back at them. This forces them to be pushed 5ft away. This ability is an immediate action and is used on the opponents turn.

-Pulse: Force Golems can target a creature within 60ft  with a ranged touch attack. If the attack hits the opponent and Force Golem make opposed strength checks. If the Force Golem wins the opponent is pushed 10ft in any direction the Golem chooses and is knocked prone.

     The Force Golem is a nice low level opponent with multiple interesting mechanics. They control the battlefield by keeping adventurers at bay.

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