Thursday, February 26, 2015

Session 5: Remnants of a Fallen Kingdom

Remnants of a Fallen Kingdom Campaign: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Campaign ran on Roll20.

Session Log Written by our Ranger Anna
Session from 2/18/15

Danice: 1st level Half-Elf Ranger
Azurith: 2nd level Elven Cleric: Couldn't make the session
Taurnil: 1/1st level Elven Thief/Mage
Rin: 2nd level Human Paladin
Shnozola: 2nd level Gnome Druid

After a well needed rest the group heads off to the hamlet of Green Spur. Once there we find a few goblins sitting around a fire enjoying a nice meal. Shnoz and Taurnil investigate a house and find it abandoned. Across the main path into town a rather feminine looking "male" can be seen tied up in the stables. Upon investigation 6 men are found to be tied up in the stables and are freed. The feminine looking prisoner is actually Danica under disguise and she agrees to help liberate the town.

The professor warns of an ogre and several goblins plus one that seems to be the chieftain of the goblins and another one that seems to be able to summon fire at his will. Rin and Shnoz go to try to distract the goblins so that the villagers can get away only to find themselves facing an ogre in a tight corner against a building and a mound of firewood. The entire group together defeats the ogre facing it head on instead of sticking with ranged attacks.

After getting the villagers to safety in a house we explore around a bit more to find 2 more abandoned houses. As we are investigating 4 goblins try to surround and surprise us, but fail. After striking them down Rin investigates a statue that has an inscription on it "the serpent will come down the hole on the brown day of the bride but there should be three feet of snow on the flat ground". He also discovers the opening to a ruined temple. Shnoz sees a goblin cross the entrance to the temple as the goblin sees him.

Rin charges into the temple blade drawn to deal with the goblins. The goblin is not alone he is accompanied by two other goblins one of which matches the description of the shaman. After defeating the goblins Shnoz squeezes through a small goblin sized hole in the wall to find the mayor tied up. Once freed the mayor tells us that the goblin chieftain was taking the women to the east. And that no child has been born in this town for the 3 or 4 years that he has been mayor.

Coming back to the town the professor tells us that there has been no children born since the temple was destroyed ten years ago which is also when the tower appeared in the ocean. He also told us that every ten years adventurers go into the tower and emerge with a different colored pearl and always lose it somehow. At that time a Goddess of Fertility Temple falls...

We decide to go after the women who were kidnapped and follow tracks leading to the south east into the Shutter Woods. The tracks are that of 6 females and 1 goblin. As we follow the tracks we find one of the females tracks disappear and large cats prints appear. Danica gets charged by a panther like creature that has scaly skin and various blades poking out of it. After a few members take a bit of damage the panther like creature is defeated. Deciding we all need it we decide to rest here for a while as our elven cleric decides to join us again.

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