Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chain Golem

D&D Golem
Striding towards you is a body composed entirely of shifting chains that vary in size and shape. Some are thin and some are thick. Most of them are mounted with barbs, spikes, and blades.

Source: Monster Manual II 3.0

     Created by the Kytons as guardians of devils and protectors of unholy places. The Chain Golem obeys it's wicked master until it's destruction. Should it's master be slain the Chain Golem will seek another Kyton to be it's new master. The Chain Golem has been known to travel to the prime material world on missions to either retrieve a message or deliver a message. They will often also be used to acquire an object for it's master.

    The Kytons are the only known beings who can create a Chain Golem. They value this knowledge and keep it secret at all times. Should another being find out how to create a Chain Golem the Kyton will go to great lengths to assassinate the offender.

Combat: Chain Golem are Medium Sized Constructs. They are a Challenge Level 5.

-Chain Barrier: As a full round action the Chain Golem can surround itself in whirling shield of chains. This is similar to a blade barrier and if activated while an opponent is adjacent that person must make a DC 17 Reflex save or take 7d6 points of damage. Those entering or passing through the barrier automatically take the damage with no save. The Chain Barrier moves with the Golem and grant them a one-half cover bonus of +4 to AC. Maintaining the Chain Barrier is a standard action.

-Wounding: A wound from a chain rake attack causes 2 points of bleed damage. Multiple wounds are cumulative. A heal check or a cure spell is needed to stop the bleeding.

-Resistance to Ranged Attacks: Chain Golem receive a +2 bonus to ranged spells or ranged magical attacks that target it.

-Magic Immunity: Immune to all spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects with the exception of electricity that slows them for 2 rounds. A fire effect breaks any slow effect and cures 1 points of damage per 2 damage dealt.

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