Thursday, February 5, 2015

Session Report: Tower of the Black Pearl & More...

Last Night on January 2/4/15 we had our third session of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. We ran it on Roll20 for about two and half hours. Our band of adventurers are....

Lefira: Halfling Fighter
Azurith: Elven Cleric
Taurnil: Elven Thief/Mage
Rin: Human Paladin
Shnozola: Gnome Druid
All 1st level dudes and dudette

The group finished up Tower of the Black Pearl Adventure at the halfway point of the session. In total it took us about six hours to complete the adventure. Tower of the Black Pearl is a converted module from Dungeon Crawl Classic. All conversions was done on the fly. The great part about the older games is that they aren't as codified as the newer versions of D&D which essentially mean you can make shit up. 

Virtual Table Top
Some bullet points below

-The group found a sarcophagus at the end of last session. After a bit of time they pried the lid off. Inside they found a skeleton wearing moldering robes and a golden crown. Being noble adventurers they rob the crown and began searching inside. They also found a pair of gemstones. They figured out the gemstones would activate an archway in the teleportation room they found.

-Returned to teleportation room. Activate portal. Appears in a room with a rectangular pool with the black pearl on the other side inside the mouth of a dragon statue. Between them and the statue was a pool filled with sea snakes. Hundreds of them. The group pulled a grapple hook and rope trick to get it snagged on the statue. Had the gnome climb the rope to the other side....

-Gnome steals the gem. The wall burst open with water. Tower is flooding. Gnome is rushing back but was having a hard time with the slippery rope. Eventually fell in the water with the snakes. The group grabs the rope to pull him to safety. I have 16 snakes attack him with 15 of the 16 missing. All rolls out in the open. Should of been a dead Druid but the dice gods were on his side.

-The Tower was flooding quickly. The group was dodging falling walls and rushing water but were able to escape to their boat.

-Headed back to the Village of Tarnwood to collect their reward from the town merchant. While there the gnome held the orb and it glowed with blackness. The orb gave the gnome visions of ravens, an old hag, winter village, mouth with fangs, etc. All good shit. 

-The Merchant explained while they were gone a band of goblins sacked a nearby village of Greenspur......and stole all the women there....also killed most of the men...

-Then some witchcrows(crows with some witchery in them) arrive and attack. The group engaged them. Killed two of them but the third one pecked out the eye of the merchant and stole the pearl. 

-The group started to investigate the village learning more about it's inhabitants. They found out about the backwater Hobbs family and how they were into witchcraft. Also the lone survivor(supposedly) Leah had a weird birthmark on her back that looked like a bunch of goat heads with tentacles....yippee! 

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Notes: The Withcrows were converted from Pathfinder. They are from the Snows of Summer Adventure Path. I just gave them one special ability which is misfortune. Misfortune essentially makes you roll twice and take the worse result.

The last image is a region in my world. It doesn't have a name or gods really...I just told everyone just pick a god from legends & lore. I'm just making the world up as I go.

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