Thursday, January 22, 2015


Dungeons & Dragons ZombieThis might have been a human, once. Now it's a bloated horror, distended veins sprawling across its livid skin. Scraps of rotting cloth are all that cover its swollen body. Its empty eyes fix on you, and it lurches forward swinging massive fist.

Source: Monster Manual IV 3.5

Corpses animated through the blood of the innocent through horrible rituals. These bloated undead are filled with gore and unholy liquids. Bloodhulks are bloated bags of undead goodness that can withstand a tremendous amount of punishment. The Bloodhulks are created by vile priest and necromancers. They are the ultimate mindless zombie.

The Bloodhulks come in three varieties: Bloodhulk Fighter, Bloodhulk Giant, and Bloodhulk Crusher. They are used by evil spellcasters as bodyguards and servants. They are much stronger then your typical zombie. They have inflated hit points but are fragile to piercing and slashing weapons due to their bloated bodies being filled with fluids.

Combat: The Bloodhulk is an undead creatures. The Bloodhulk Fighter is a Challenge Rating of 4 that is medium size, low armor class of 11, and a boatload of hit points averaging 140. They have a single slam attack that does 1d8+4 points of damage. The Bloodhulk Giant is Challenge Rating of 6 that is large size, low armor class of 13, hit points averaging at 196, and a powerful slam that does 2d6+16 points of damage. The Bloodhulk Crusher is a Challenge Rating of 8 that is a giant size, low armor class of 14, massive hit points that average around 280, and a wicked slam that does 3d6+24 points of damage.

-Special Qualities: Bloodhulks are undead and have all the traits of that type. They have darkvision, low-light vision, and can understand their creators orders.

-Fragile: Bloodhulks take an extra 1d6 points of damage from piercing and slashing weapons.

-Blood Bloated: A Bloodhulk always gain the maximum amount of hit points for each hit die they possess.

Bloodhulks are essentially super-sized steroid zombies. They hit hard and are very resilient. Their only down fall is their poor armor class and their vulnerability to piercing/slashing weapons. Fighting a Bloodhulk is a race against time. You must unload a massive amount of damage or potentially be smashed to pieces.

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