Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eye of Fear and Flame

Book of Vile DarknessDraped in a ragged, hooded cloak, an eye of fear and flame is a skeletal figure with a gem set into each eye socket - one red and one black

Source: AD&D Fiend Folio 1E
Book of Vile Darkness 3.0

     Created by chaotic evil gods the Eye of Fear and Flame are let loose to inspire dark deeds. An Eye of Fear and Flame might approach a couple in the woods. He threatens to kill both of them if the wife doesn't take her husband life. If she decides to kill her husband the Eye of Fear and Flame will spare her life and revel in her shock and misery. The Eye of Fear and Flame seeks out individuals to commit dark deeds and hideous crimes.

     As agents of chaos they are created when Dark Gods take the soul of a chaotic evil madmen and give them an animated skeletal form in which to roam and do their will. The defining feature of the Eye of Fear and Flame is it's gems. The black gem creates a fear effect and the red gem unleashes an inferno of fire. It is rumored that only 20 of these creatures are known to exist.
Fiend Folio
Combat: In AD&D 1E the Eye of Fear and Flame is a level VII creature.

-Red Gem: Unleashes a 12 dice fireball once every three rounds.

-Black Gem: Acts as a fear wand every melee round

-Planeshift: If combat is going against the Eye of Fear and Flame it can take two melee rounds to shift to the Ethereal Plane.

-Resistances: If Blindness or Power Word: Blind is cast on the Eye of Fear and Flame they are reflected back at the caster.

The Gems are worth 1,000 to 2,000 gold pieces each.

     The Eye of Fear and Flame makes for a great villain. In a sleepy village chaos has erupted. Normal everyday folk are committing horrendous acts of evil. Killing love ones, stealing, etc. All prompted by the Eye. The adventurers must find the root cause of this evil and put an end to it. Maybe destroying the divine servant of the Dark Gods will lead to greater retribution.

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