Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gremlin, Pugwampi

Pathfinder GremlinsAs if the world’s most revolting lapdog had somehow learned to walk on its back legs, this sickly creature slinks forward carefully.

Source: Bestiary 2 Pathfinder

     Gremlins are tiny mischievous creatures that hail from the realm of fey. When ties between the material plane and the realm of fey overlap you can find Gremlins residing in the world's unseen reaches. Abandoned buildings, sewers, ruins, etc are the homes of the Gremlins. These Gremlins delight in ruining and breaking things. Each Gremlin has a particular specialty that could include magical auras, complex machinery, luck, etc. 

    Pugwampis are a type of Gremlins that are known to cause bad luck. These dog faced Gremlins enjoy accidents and missteps of other creatures. They go to great length to create traps and wait as oblivious victims set them off. As the unfortunate soul sets off the trap the Pugwampi burst out in laughter in delightful joy. The chances of mischief is greatly increased when victims are within 20ft of the Pugwampi and it's aura of unluck forces them to roll twice and take the worse results. 

Pathfinder Gremlins     Pugwampis are weak combatants and tend to be found in a mob of 3 to 12. They are enamored with Gnolls and honor them as Gods. Gnolls on the other hand hate Pugwampis because they are weak. They will sometimes keep a Pugwampi around simply to torment them. 

Combat: Pugwampis are neutral evil tiny fey with a challenge rating of 1/2. They are weak in combat situations and tend to prefer creating havoc then engaging in melee.

-Spell-like abilities: At will prestidigitation and speak with animal. Once a day shatter.

 -Unluck Aura: Any creature within 20ft must make two D20 rolls whenever they are called for and take the lowest of the two. This is a mind-affecting effect that does not work on animals, gremlins, or gnolls. Any character who gains a luck bonus negates the Unluck Aura effect.

     Pugwampis are great encounters in frustration. Having multiple of these Gremlins can spice up combat. It could make a mundane scenario into something memorable. With multiple D20s being rolled and the worse results being taken things could be quite amusing. The threat of death from a Pugwampis in combat is relatively minor and they should be paired with a compliment creature like Gnolls or other Gremlins.

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