Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goblin Dog

D&D Pathfinder GoblinThis mangy canine's face has the same flat nose, beady eyes, and protruding teeth as a rat grown grotesquely large.

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary

Goblins Dog aren't actually dogs but rodents grown monstrously large. The Goblin Dog have foul tempers and a horrible mange. Even the healthy Goblin Dog looks sick and dying. The Goblin Dog have an infested mangy hide causing other creatures to break out in rashes. The rash is of course known as goblin rash. Goblins themselves are immune to the dander and keep Goblin Dogs as their guardians and mounts.

The favored food of the Goblin Dog is carrion. They make great garbage disposers for Goblin Lairs. Eating the leftovers from the last raid. A Goblin Dog is 5 feet long and weigh 75 pounds. The Goblin Dog compliments your average Goblin war band. They have an interesting mechanic that can spice up a goblin encounter. Having the players break out in rashes is always fun. 

Goblin Dog Pathfinder D&DCombat: The Goblin Dog is a CR 1 Medium Animal. 

-Senses: They have low-light vision and scent 

-Allergic Reaction: The Gobln Dog's dander is highly irritating. Any creature that is bitten by the Goblin Dog must make a Fort Save 12 or break out in a rash. The rash causes -2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day. A remove disease or any magical healing can remove this condition. Also anyone engaging the Goblin Dog in Unarmed combat or touching them with their bare flesh must also make this save. 

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