Sunday, January 18, 2015

Returning to My Roots Part II

     Last Wednesday I had my first session of AD&D 2nd Edition since the 90s. I ran it on Wednesday Night on Roll20. The game was fantastic. It played much better then I remembered. When I last played AD&D 2e I was a teenager. The system ran quite well. I enjoyed that not everything was codified in the rules and I was just making rulings on the spot. It was refreshing from the modern versions of D&D.

     I am running Tower of the Black Pearl from Goodman games. The module is a nice short adventure about a Tower that appears in the Ocean once a decade. We completed half the module before the session ended. Should complete it by next week. The module originally appeared in The Adventure Begins Hardcover for 3rd Edition. It was recently redone for Dungeon Crawl Classic. I have both of them but converting from DCC.

Dungeon Crawl ClassicHere is the cast of characters we have...

Dungeon Crawl ClassicHalfling Fighter
Elven Cleric
Elven Thief/Mage
Human Paladin
Gnome Druid
*Yes I know Gnomes can't be druids but he wanted to play one so who give a crap. ;-)

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