Thursday, January 22, 2015

Session Report: Tower of the Black Pearl

Last Night on January 1/21/15 we had our second session of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. We ran it on Roll20 for about two and half hours. Our band of adventurers are....

Lefira: Halfling Fighter
Azurith: Elven Cleric
Taurnil: Elven Thief/Mage
Rin: Human Paladin
Shnozola: Gnome Druid
All 1st level dudes and dudette

We ran the second session of the Tower of the Black Pearl. Some bullet points of the session below. If you plan on playing that module don't read ahead. The Tower of the Black Pearl is from Dungeon Crawl Classic and I have converted it over to AD&D 2nd Edition. Conversion is pretty much done on the fly. Sweet thing about 2e and DCC is the traps/monster are rules light and can be eyeballed quite easily. The group is about 80% done with the module and I have enjoyed it thus far.

Dungeon Crawl Classic
-The group last session use some blood to activate a teleport sigil and appeared elsewhere in the tower. They were surrounded by bandits who were on guard. Fight commence. Bandits died. The room had walls depicting a wizard dude turning into a five head dragons.

-Group discovers room with gold plated organs painted black and a gold bowl. How nice.

-The Group explores a bit more and come across an underground lake. They meet Charon I mean undead ferryboat dude who requires payment to cross the lake. They kindly pay him. While passing through the lake they see some shiny objects in the water. Smarter then they look they decide not jump into the lake. Plus the lake is brick cold.

-The group is escorted under a rickety bridge high above and meet some more bandits at a dock near by. The head bandit tries to strike a deal with the group to open a door he can't. 

Dungeon Crawl Classic
-The group suspects head bandit is a jackoff and for a brief moment entertains his truce. The gnome decides to hug the head bandit. Head bandit gets angry and fight erupts. Our thief/wizard gets one-shotted by a bandit. The group prevails though and heal up the thief/wizard.

-Group disarms the door that had some blade trap on it.

-They find a room with skeletons on the floor and high water marks. Yeah smells like a trap. Half the group enter, half the group stays behind. Trap sprung. Room is flooding. Group is panicking. Two rounds away from drowning the group is able to open another door leading to stairs upward. The trap reset and everyone get through okay.

-Going up the stairs they run into that rickety bridge. The elves, gnome, and halfling take off their gear and slowly cross the bridge. The Paladin even with no gear is a fat bastard and a broken plank almost drops him to the lake floor. Quick on his feet and a successful dex check he hold on for dear life. The group safely passes over the bridge.

-On the other side of the bridge is an immense sarcophagus. How fun. That is were we ended.

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