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Frost Fir

Pathfinder Snows of Summer

The faint scent of pine sap accompanies this vaguely tree-shaped creature, which stands on two towering trunklike legs. Its arms resemble the branches of a snow-laden conifer.

Source: Pathfinder Adventure Path 67: Snows of Summer

     Frost Firs are evil tree creatures who are rumored to have descended from Treants. These stoic creatures are reclusive and keep to their groves hidden away in the coldest forest of the north. They have grown to hate those who defile their homelands. Tales from the north tell of entire caravans disappearing as they travel through a Frost Fir domain. While at camp at night a band of 3 to 6 Frost Fir descend upon caravans, smothering flames and lives in a blink of an eye.
     Once the caravan has been subdued. The Frost Fir drag their victims back to their grove to be butchered and used as fertilizer for their young. The remaining bones are crafted into trophies and warning sign for potential trespassers. With their intense hatred for opens flames any northern traveler must be weary of a potential attack. If the foes are deemed too powerful the Frost Fir will resort to hit and run tactics. 
     They will use pit traps or draw their prey into ambushes. Their assaults are relentless and only stop when the interloper or Frost Fir is dead.

Combat: Frost Fir are medium plants with a Challenge Rating of 1. Their main special qualities is the ability to appear as a normal tree and the resin that coats their bodies.

-Special Qualities: Low light vision, damage resistance of 5 against slashing weapons, and immunity to cold.

-Sticky Resin: The Frost Firs bark exudes a sticky resin. This grants them a +2 bonus to combat maneuvers such as disarm, grapple, and steal. Anyone who touches a Frost Fir must make DC 13 Reflex Save or be coated in sticky resin. This imposes -2 to attack rolls and concentration checks. This save is also needed if the Frost Fir successfully attacks an opponent. Any strong alcohol, universal solvent, or any fire damage removes the resin.

-Freeze. The creature can hold itself so still it appears to be an inanimate object of the appropriate shape (a statue, patch of fungus, and so on). The creature can take 20 on its stealth check to hide in plain sight as this kind of inanimate object.

-Weaknesses: Vulnerable to fire. 

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