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Dungeons & Dragons Humans
This short, stunted humanoid is bald and has weirdly twisted limbs, its body seeming to fade and come apart at the edges.

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary (Pathfinder RPG)

     The Khaei are believed by scholars to be degenerate humans. They are awkward humanoid who shamble around with twisted limbs. As the Khaei move along their bodies trail off into shadow and mist. Their appearance is in a constant blur. Interacting with the Khaei leaves something to be desired. They come off as dull and apathetic.

     The few scholars who have studied the Khaei believe they are a race lost in time. Perhaps they were sent from the distant past or far future in preparation for a great event. The few Khaei that are known to exist appear to isolate themselves in caverns deep underground. The most interesting ability is how they can manipulate time. Once per day and usually as a last resort the Khaei can touch an individual and permanently age them.

     A gang or village of Khaei when threatened will gang up on a victim and use their aging ability to quickly age individuals into a decrepit state. Using this ability has a toll though. They are physically weakened when their aging ability is used.

     Khaei typical stand 4ft tall and weight 100 pounds.

Combat: The Khaei are small monstrous humanoids who dwell underground. They are a Challenge Rating 3.

-Spell-like Abilities: A constant blur effect is in place at all times. They can cast dancing lights once per day. The constant blur gives opponents a 20% miss chance on all attacks.

-Lost in Time: As a touch attack a Khaei can prematurely age a victim. The victim must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be aged 1d10 years and take 1d4 Constitution damage. This effect also deals 1d4 points of damage to the Khaei. It can only used once. Multiple Khaei touch attacks do stack.

     The Khaei are a interesting race. The combination of blur and lost in time abilities give them two nice mechanics. They can be used as a long lost race from the distant past. Maybe the preceding empire devolved into the Khaei and retreated underground. With no knowledge of their mysterious past. 

     The Khaei also work well as a race used by the Great Old Ones. Maybe an asteroid smashes down in the forest. Inside the asteroid is a cave complex and a village of Khaei. The painting on the walls depict gruesome masters from the dark between the stars. Their arrival foreshadows something greater. 

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